Trending Wholesale THCO & Delta 9o Products: Boost Sales & Repeat Customers

Does your smoke shop or CBD store offer the latest hemp derived THC products like THCO or Delta 9o for your customers?


The super potent cannabinoid THCO has been an explosive trend in the hemp space and recently Delta 9o THC products have joined the market with increasing demand.


Choosing premium THCO and Delta 9o products that deliver the highest quality benefits and effects is the key to customer loyalty.


Keep reading to get the buzz on trending wholesale THCO & Delta 9o products that will boost sales and drive repeat business.

The Basics On THCO & Delta 9o THC.


What is THCO?


Actually, the acronym THCO refers, in general, to what is known as acetylated forms of cannabinoids from the THC family. THCO, in the hemp industry, is an acetylated form of delta 8 THC, formally referred to as delta-8 tetrahydrocannabinol-acetate.


Here’s how it works:


THCO is synthesized through acetylation of delta 8 THC, which is a chemical reaction that occurs where an acetyl group replaces a hydrogen group. As a result of this process, THCO becomes more potent than delta 8 THC.


What is Delta 9o?


Delta 9o or Delta 9 THC-o Acetate is practically the same cannabinoid as Delta 9 THC with the addition of an acetate group. Delta 9o is synthesized from hemp derived Delta 9 THC. Therefore, it is federally legal.


How it works:


When delta 9o is consumed it takes approximately 20 minutes to metabolize the acetate and become active in the body as delta 9 THC, however, its effects are more potent than standard delta 9, as well as THCO synthesized from delta 8.


Choose Only Premium THCO & Delta 9o Products For Your Smoke Shop or CBD Store!


Premium quality products are always the driver of sales and customer loyalty and this is especially true for THCO & Delta 9o hemp derived products.


3 Tall Pines Wholesale only crafts farm fresh, solventless extracted THCO & Delta 9o products that deliver healthful, high-octane effects that are of consistent quality that will keep your customers satisfied and coming back for more!


Top Trending THCO & Delta 9o Products


THCO & Delta 9 gummies are the number one product category for sales.


Our THCO – Signature Pomegranate Gummies and THCO – Signature Green Apple Gummies are crafted with our full-spectrum solventless hemp extract and have 25mg of THCO, 10mg of Delta 9, 15 mg of CBD +other cannabinoids per gummy. These gummies are delectable, euphoric favorites!



Equally popular are our D9o – Signature Peach Mango Gummies and D9o – Signature Blue Raspberry Gummies that boast 25mg D9o, 10mg D9 & 15mg CBG per gummie, all wrapped up in robust natural flavors and elated mind-body relief.


And for chocolate fans, stock our newest D9o – Tropical Toffee Chocolate Bar that is crafted with fine milk chocolate from our 4th generation chocolatier, passion fruit, sweet honey, mango, toffee and 100mg of D9o per bar (10 mg per square). This is an outrageously luscious, feel-good bar that gets repeat D9o customers!


Also check out our complete collection of full spectrum, fine chocolate bars that are lovingly crafted with delta 8, delta 9 and multiple cannabinoids for deliciously elevated effects. 


These exceptional vapes offer the best of trending hemp derived THC cannabinoids for a smooth, enjoyably effective vaping experience. 

Contact us for more information about our superior quality THCO & Delta 9o products and how you can get started as a 3 Tall Pines Wholesale customer!


We look forward to having your smoke shop or CBD store join our family of successful hemp-derived products businesses!

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