Top Selling Hemp Derived Products For Your Online Store

Are you starting a CBD and hemp derived products online store?


Or maybe, you are looking to scale up your current online hemp business?


The keys to online hemp business success can be attributed to three fundamental elements:


Premium hemp derived products that are pure, potent, effective and of consistent quality that keep them coming back for more.


Introducing ‘new drop’ high quality hemp products that are hot in the market!


Consistent organic marketing of your brand’s online store and products with blogs, newsletters and social media. 


Keep reading to discover the top selling hemp derived products for your online store that create customer loyalty, repeat business and rev up your bottom line!

Edibles Are The #1 Hemp Derived Products Top Sellers


Edibles represent the lion’s share of hemp derived product sales across industry demographics.


Delta 8 edibles have become the most robust category of sales for online smoke shops and CBD stores, appealing to both the younger crowd as well as the 50+ demographic.


Delta 8 Gummies star in the #1 position with Delta 8 Chocolate coming in close at #2 in popularity and sales.


3 Tall Pines wholesale continues to craft the highest quality solventless gummies and fine chocolate bars available in the industry, with a variety of cannabinoid blends that deliver superior purity, potency and effects.


Our Delta 8 Signature Fruit Punch Gummies with CBG+CBD and Delta 8 Assorted Gummies with 25MG per gummy are top sellers that deliver a farm fresh, ‘neat and clean’ solventless hemp flower extract product that provides healthful, delicious and effectively potent effects, that consistently get re-orders.


3 Tall Pines wholesale gummies are all crafted from our farm fresh solventless flower extract in various collections of cannabinoid profiles that include Delta 8, Delta 9, HHC, THCv, Delta 10, Full Spectrum Delta 9 + CBG, CBD and CBN along with specialty gummies like our Elderberry Sleep Gummies and Bedtime Gummies.    


Our 3 Tall Pines Delta 8 Fine Chocolate Bars crafted with our 4th generation chocolatier, that hasn’t changed their superior recipe since 1876, get rave reviews and happy repeat customers.


All of our Delta 8 Chocolate Bars are very popular, however, here are a couple of the top sellers:


Delta 8 – Truffle Chocolate Bar is the all time favorite! This one is deliciously potent and delivers an uplifting mood with full body relaxation! This bar is brimming with a cannabinoid profile that includes CBD, CBDa, CBG, CBGa, CBN, CBC and THC all wrapped up in fine chocolate with only the purest natural ingredients!   


Delta 9 – S’mores Chocolate Bar is an iconic favorite with rich premium chocolate, Madagascar vanilla and organic graham cracker loaded with 100mg of Delta 9, + THCv, CBD, CBDv and CBG! This one defiantly keeps them coming back for s’more! 


Other Top Selling Must Have Hemp Derived Products For Your Online Store


Entourage Live Resin Delta 8 Vape Cartridges and Entourage Live Resin Disposable Vapes are the hottest selling, most effective and pure solventless vapes available in the industry. Our Live resin vapes deliver blissful, feel good effects, outstanding flavor and the ultimate vaping experience!


Delta 8 Tinctures remain one of the top sellers in the hemp industry.


3 Tall Pines Wholesale crafts the purest, most potent and effective tinctures available that offer a full variety of benefits. Check out our unique collection of Solventless Delta 8, CBD and CBG Tinctures that will be a best selling favorite for your online store! 


3 Tall Pines Wholesale Team is dedicated to helping our online CBD and smoke shop owner’s ongoing success by providing innovative, pure, farm fresh hemp derived products that are of consistent high quality that your customers can depend on!


Contact us for more information about how to get started as a 3 Tall Pines Wholesale customer!


We look forward to having your online store join our family of successful hemp derived products businesses!        

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