Top 5 Wholesale Solventless THCv & HHC Products For Your Smoke Shop!

Smoke shop, CBD store and online hemp business owners have been reaping explosive rewards of hemp derived delta 8 THC products sales.


Now there are new hemp derived THC products that are fast tracking in popularity and demand!


Two of the hottest ‘legal’ THC cannabinoid products to hit the market are THCv and HHC!


So, what exactly are THCv & HHC, what are their effects and why selecting only premium quality products are crucial for your customers, as well as your success?


Here is a simple guide to finding the top 5 wholesale solventless THCv & HHC products for your smoke shop that will increase sales and customer loyalty!


What is Hemp Derived THCv?


THCv is naturally occurring in the hemp plant. THCv is an analog (a variant form of a single cannabinoid molecule), which is a varin version of delta 9 THC, which is its neutral sibling.  THCv is found in limited concentrations in the cannabis plant and has different effects than delta 9 THC.


One of the popular effects of THCv, as reported anecdotally by users, is that it suppresses appetite, as opposed to delta 9 THC, which is an appetite stimulant. This has created a buzz about THCv being a ‘diet cannabinoid’, however the research is still very scant on this and inconclusive. Nevertheless, many people report that it helps control their appetite!


What about THCv’s psychoactivity?


A normal dose of THCv produces a stimulating, clear-headed effect, however, at higher doses it does produce psychoactivity along with bodily discomfort relief and stress release effects.


What is HHC?


HHC is a naturally occurring cannabinoid in the hemp plant, although it is only found in trace amounts, it can be produced through a simple hydrogenation of delta 8 THC.


HHC has THC mind body effects that are less potent than delta 9 THC and considered closer to delta 8 THC’s psychoactive high. HHC is known for its energized euphoria, heightened body relaxation and relief from discomforts.


Many HHC products also have other cannabinoids like delta 8, CBG, CBD and more, which also contribute to the effects and benefits!


Top 5 Solventless THCV & HHC Products


3 Tall Pines Wholesale has an extended collection of THCv & HHC products. Our products are produced from our fresh Wisconsin homegrown craft hemp!


Our premium THCv, HHC, and delta 8 products are crafted with our proprietary solventless reaction process which delivers the cleanest, purest end products that assure potency, efficacy and healthful well-being.


Here is a guide to the top 5 THCv & HHC sellers in order of most popular product categories:



THCv & HHC Gummies


THCv Signature Gummies- 25mg Delta 8, 10mg THCv, 15mg CBG per gummy. Delicious Lemon Lime Flavor (Hybrid)

HHC Signature Gummies- 50mg HHC, 15mg CBG and 10mg CBD per piece- Delicious Mango Flavor (Hybrid.)


THCV & HHC Disposable Vapes


Our newest and most potent vape products are our Entourage disposables and carts! These exceptional blends offer a uniquely powerful, yet functional vaping experience! These are a must have for your smoke shop or CBD store!


Entourage – Moonrock 1g Disposable (Sativa) – D8- D9- D10- HHC- HHCo- HHCp- THCv- THCo- THCp- and CBG - Flavors: Maui Waui & Grape Stomper.

Entourage – Stargazer 1g Disposable (Hybrid) –D8- D9- D10- HHC- HHCo- HHCp- THCv- THCo- THCp- CBG- CBN –Flavors: Tropicana Cookies & Gorilla Glue #4.

Entourage – Darkstar 1g Disposable (Indica) – D8- D9- D10- HHC- HHCo- HHCp- THCV- THCo- THCp- CBN- Flavors: Grand Daddy Purple & Dos-si-dos.

HHC – Moonrock 1g Disposables Vape (Sativa)- HHC (9R) 153mg- HHC (9S) 74.7mg + CBG - Flavor: Cereal Milk

HHC – Stargazer 1g Disposables Vape (Hybrid) D8- HHC- CBG- CBN- Flavor: Jungle Juice

HHC – Darkstar 1g Disposables Vape (Indica) – D8- HHC- CBG- CBN- Flavor: Forbidden Fruit.

THCv – Moonrock 1g Disposables Vape (Sativa) –D8- THCv- CBG- CBN- Flavor: Koko Puffs.


Vape Cartridges


Entourage – Moonrock 1g Cartridges (Sativa)- D8- D10- HHC- HHCo- HHCp- THCv- THCo- THCp- CBG –Flavor: Maui Waui.

Entourage – Stargazer 1g Cartridge (Hybrid) – D8- D10- HHC- HHCo- HHCp- THCv- THCo- THCp- CBG- CBN- Flavors: Dos-si-dos & Gorilla Glue #4.

Entourage – Darkstar 1g Cartridges (Indica) – D8- D10- HHC- HHCo- HHCp- THCv- THCo- THCp- CBG- CBN- Flavors Grand Daddy Purple & Dos-si-dos.

THCv – Stargazer 1g (Hybrid) – D8- THCv- CBG- CBN- Flavor: Waffle OG

THCv – Moonrock 1g Cartridge (Sativa) D8- THCv- CBG- Flavor: Koko Puffs

THCv – Darkstar 1g Cartridge D8- THCv- CBN- Flavor: Strawberry Shortcake.

HHC – Moonrock 1g Cartridges (Sativa) D8- HHC- CBG- Flavor: Cereal Milk.

HHC - Stargazer 1g Cartridges (Hybrid) D8- HHC- CBG- CBN- Flavor: Jungle Juice

HHC – Darkstar 1g Cartridges (Indica) D8- HHC- CBN- Flavor: Forbidden Fruit




THCv – 3 Pack Pre Rolls Available in:


Hybrid- Waffle OG- CBDv Flower-D8- THCv CBG- CBN

Sativa- Koko Puffs- CBDv Flower- D8- THCv- CBG

Indica – Strawberry Shortcake- CBDv Flower- D8- THCv- CBN


Chocolate Bars


Sativa- Rise N Grind Chocolate Bar- 750mg D8- THCv- CBG- CBDa- 10,00mg Mushroom Medley- 20mg Caffeine – Per Bar


This delicious chocolate bar is a sumptuous powerhouse that gets rave reviews and will keep them coming back for more!


Our 3 Tall Pines Wholesale Solventless THCv & HHC products are pure, potent, delicious and enticing and they get repeat sales! Your customers will love them and so will your bottom line!


Contact us if you would like to learn more about our superior collection of wholesale THCv & HHC products.


Our wholesale team is always ready to help you make your smoke shop or CBD store scale with our distinct line of preforming delta 8 products! 

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