How To Find The Best Delta-8 Chocolate For Your CBD Store

“The CBD edibles market is projected to reach the valuation of US$ 34.15 Billion by 2031” according to Transparency Market Research (TMR) in a recent report.


Savvy CBD storeowners understand the growth potential for edible CBD products and the reason they are a preferred method of delivery for their customers. With the current explosion in popularity of hemp derived Delta-8 products, CBD stores are experiencing exponential growth and customer demand for Delta-8 edibles.


Premium Delta-8 Chocolate is increasingly capturing the ‘hearts and minds’ of both new Delta-8 consumers and frequent users that experience the multiple benefits and effects in their daily lives.


The key to the optimum benefits of Delta-8 Chocolate is in the quality of the chocolate, purity of the Delta-8 distillates and other ingredients. So, let’s break down how to find the best Delta-8 Chocolate for your CBD store.


The ‘Secret Sauce’ of The Best Delta-8 Chocolate For Your CBD Store


Creating brand value is the competitive edge for your CBD store business to develop life-long customers. Loyal customers of Delta-8 Chocolate brands, as with any edible, is driven by the consumer’s experience of the following:


Their personal experience of the overall effects of the Delta-8 in the chocolate.

Feeling longer-term benefits of relief, release and renewal with continued use.

A delightful and delicious high-end chocolate taste experience.

Experience of multiple benefits from entire cannabinoid profile.

Overall health benefits from high quality natural ingredients.


Meeting the criteria of Delta-8 Chocolate product quality and efficacy is the ‘secret sauce” for CBD stores to create loyal edible customers and maximize sales.


How A Wisconsin Craft Hemp Farmer Created A Valued Brand of Delta-8 Chocolate


3 Tall Pines Farm of Wisconsin has successfully developed homegrown craft hemp products through personal oversight of every step of the process from planting to the product that reaches your hands.


In order to assure an exceptional line of Delta-8 Chocolate Bars, 3 Tall Pines Farm partnered with a 4th generation high-end chocolatier, that hasn’t changed their recipe since 1876. They use only organic coconut oil, grass fed clarified butter and organic oils as a stabilizer. The natural flavoring essential oils are from pressed rinds of orange, lemon, cherry, tangerine, raspberry and more which also add an element of wellness.


The beneficial foundation of 3 Tall Pines Farm’s chocolate is our farm fresh full-spectrum Delta-8 distillate which provides a full array of cannabinoids that include; CBDa, CBD, CBGa, CBG, CBN, CBC, THCa and THC. This combination of cannabinoids and Delta-8 along with the many health benefits of dark chocolate makes 3 Tall Pines Wholesale Chocolate Bars an exceptionally potent and luscious offering.


Our 3 Tall Pines Farm Delta-8 Chocolate Bars get rave reviews and are now available for wholesale customers. The current selection is as follows:


Delta-8 Truffle Bar                                                  

250mg & 500mg


Delta-8 Cherry Crunch Bar   

2500mg & 500mg


Delta-8 Bakers Bar



Delta-8 Honey Macadamia Bar

2500mg & 500mg


Delta-9 Blueberry Shortbread Chocolate Bar

600mg   (100mg Delta-9)


Delta-8 Buddhafinger Bar                                     

2500mg & 500mg     


Delta-8 Seven Layer Bar

2500mg & 500mg


Each of our assortments of Delta-8 Chocolate Bars contains a full spectrum of benefits and effects that are formulated to keep your customers coming back for more. 


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