Get The Newest Delta 8 & Delta 10 Products For Your Smoke Shop or Online CBD Store

Are you looking to scale your smoke shop or online CBD business?


New innovations in the hemp-derived products space create an opportunity for your business to stay at the top of increased sales, customer loyalty and excitement with effective, premium quality new products!


Keep reading to discover how you can get the newest Delta 8 & Delta 10 products for your smoke shop or online CBD store.

Introducing Entourage-Delta 10 Double Dipper Disposable Vapes


3 Tall Pines Wholesale has introduced their latest innovation of Entourage-Delta 10 Double Dipper Disposable Vapes, that take vaping to a whole new level.


Our Entourage-Delta 10 Double Dipper Disposable Vapes are a 2-sided vaporizer that offers the best of all worlds. These neat and clean, live resin, disposable vapes are crafted with our superior farm fresh solventless distillate without any thinning agents, providing purity, potency, exceptional flavor and effects.


Our Entourage – Delta 10 – Stargazer Double Dipper Disposable is a hybrid, loaded up on one end with Train Hopper (Star Hopper x Green Train) with Delta 10 – Delta 8 – CBG + CBN that delivers a vaping venture of maximum uplifted euphoria, enhanced mood and full body relaxation.


On the other end is our hybrid Gorilla Glue #4 (Sour Diesel x Chems Sister x Choc Diesel) plus an Entourage of D8 – D9 – D10 – HHC – HHCO – HHCP – THCV – THCO – THCP – CBG + CBN that transports body and mind to expanded energy, relaxation, clarity and elation!


This double dipper disposable provides a delicious vaping session with effects that your customers will want to experience again and again!

For your customers looking for a high-octane sativa, our Entourage – Delta 10 Moonrock Double Dipper Disposable is filled on one end with Rocket Fuel (Face Off OG x Jet Fuel OG) that delivers Delta 10 – Delta 8 + CBN for a cosmic vape blast of creativity, motivation and expansive relaxed energy that is over the moon.


The other end is Maui Waui (Hawaiian Pakalolo) with an Entourage of D8 – D9 – D10 – HHC – HHCO – HHCP – THCV – THCO – THCP + CBG that bestows heightened cerebral energy, relaxation, elevated mood and celestial good feels!


And for the deep chill, indulging in our live resin Entourage – Delta 10 – Darkstar Double Dipper Disposable offers the perfect blend of indica release with Fatso OG (Legend OG x GMO) D10 – D 8 + CBN that offers a calm, euphoric relaxation!


The other end of the vape boasts our Dos-si-dos (Legend OG x GMO) Entourage blend of D10 - D8 – D9 – HHC – HHCO – HHCP – THCV – THCP + CBN that is a potent potion that offers full body-mind ease and release enveloped in expansive bliss!    


Offering these Entourage-Delta 10 Double Dipper Disposables in your smoke shop will capture the hearts and minds of vaping aficionados that are looking for a vaping experience that is rich in purity, flavor and superior effects!   


What Are Peek-a-Boo Chews and Why Do You Need To Know?


As a CBD storeowner you already know that gummies are the number one seller! Now you have the opportunity to stock up on, possibly, the most potent hemp derived gummies in the industry!


3 Tall Pines Wholesale has crafted Delta 8/Delta 9/Delta 9o Peek-a-Boo Chews that are so highly concentrated that they are individually wrapped and can be sold by the piece! Just a quarter of a gummie is the recommended dose! These individually wrapped gummies are also available in a 20-pack tub!


These punchy chews are available in a variety of hemp derived THC combinations that are not only strong and effective, but healthfully natural and delicious as well.


Our Delta 8/Delta 9 –Peek-a-Boo Chews – Sour Apple Cider Gummies provide a whopping 150mg of Delta 8 & Delta 9 along with CBD, CBG & CBN for a functional feel good elation and full body release!


And for truly lit THC effects, our Delta 8/Delta 9/ Delta 9o – Peek-a-Boo Chews – Cranberry & Grape with 150mg per gummie (50mg of D8-50mg of D9 & 50mg of D9o) deliver good vibe mind sensations and eased bodily discomforts.


For high impact Delta 8 effects, our Delta 8 – Peek-a-Boo Chews – Michigan Peach Gummies bring it home with 250mg of pure, farm fresh, solventless Delta 8 per gummy! These tasty peach treats are positioned to become an all time favorite for Delta 8 fans!


Don’t wait to introduce these exceptional new hemp-derived Delta 8, Delta 9 & Delta 10 products to your customers! Then watch your customer approval, loyalty and repeat sales increase in 2023!


Contact us for more information about how to get started as a 3 Tall Pines Wholesale customer! Our Team is waiting to welcome you into our successful hemp businesses family!

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