Get Repeat Sales With Quality Wholesale Delta 8 Edible Products!

Delta 8 edibles represent the most robust product category for sales in the hemp CBD industry. Edibles appeal to a broad range of consumers across age (over 21 of course) and location demographics, in states where hemp derived delta 8 is legal.


Now that delta 8 has been on the market for the last few years, more people are getting on board with enjoying the functionally euphoric effects of this legal THC!


And edibles are by far the #1 go-to delta 8 products for both the younger as well as the over 40 crowd!


As a matter of fact, the 50 plus demographic has discovered that delta 8 is a milder psychoactive replacement for delta 9 THC that they can enjoy without unwanted effects, as well as the big bonus of it being federally legal.


This boom in delta 8 edible products demand has fueled innovation by hemp companies, like 3 Tall Pines Wholesale of Wisconsin, to develop a variety of pure, delicious, solventless delta 8 edibles that are desirable, effective and healthful and keeps customers coming back for more!


Let’s take a look at the latest drops and how CBD stores and smoke shops can get repeat sales with quality wholesale delta 8 edible products.


Signature Gummies Offer Select Blends of Delta 8 & Other Cannabinoids


It is a known fact that gummies lead in popularity and sales in the Delta 8 & CBD edibles category.


The newest drop from 3 Tall Pines wholesale is Signature Gummies that offers other THC cannabinoids like THCv, HHC along with a variety of cannabinoid blends that meet the individual needs and desires of consumers.


The Signature Gummies Collection is a powerfully effective, neat and clean solventless product that delivers the full range of benefits and effects of the cannabinoid profile.


Here are a few of our top sellers:


Delta 8 – Signature Gummies- 10PK- Delicious natural Fruit Punch flavor with 25mg Delta 8, 5mg CBN and 20mg CBD per gummy for a relaxing, euphoric delta 8 experience.


HHC – Signature Gummies – 10PK – Deliciously different natural Mango flavor with 25mg HHC, 15mg CBG and 10mg CBD that delivers a potent HHC buzz of functional psychoactivity, mental clarity and elevated mood.


THCv – Signature Gummies – 10PK – Refreshing Lemon Lime natural flavor with 25mg Delta 8, 10mg THCv and 15mg CBG offers all of the good feeling effects of Delta 8 along with THCv and CBG for energized creativity, clear-headed focus along with a feeling of mental elevation!


Make sure you check out our full Signature Gummies Collection that includes THCo, Delta 10 and CBD/CBG blends.


Premium Fine Delta 8 Chocolate Bars With Multiple Cannabinoids


Chocolate lovers are united in approval for our extensive collection of Delta 8 fine chocolate bars that offer a variety of benefits and effects that sweeten up the good feels of Delta 8, along with other THC & minor cannabinoids.


Explore our Chocolate Bar collection with multiple cannabinoids and check out these featured favorites:


Delta 8 – Truffle Chocolate Bar crafted with the finest chocolate and a full spectrum Delta 8 distillate that is brimming with a cannabinoid profile that includes CBD, CBDa, CBG, CBGa, CBN & THC. This is our all time best seller for a potent delta 8-mood lifting, motivating, full body relaxation that also offers targeted relief and calming effects. This bar is a blend of sumptuous dark high end-chocolate with natural Ancho Chile, Raspberry & Blood orange flavoring for the ultimate taste sensation!


Sativa – Rise N Grind Chocolate Bar delivers a blend of 500mg Mushroom Medley, 750mg Delta 8, THCv, CBG and CBDa per bar that will lift you up and get you going for a feeling fine kind of day or night! This one is a powerhouse!


Delta 9 – S’mores Chocolate Bar is a delicious adult version of a childhood favorite! With 100mg of Delta 9 THC, 25mg THCv, 435mg CBD, 30mg CBDv and 10 mg CBG this exceptional bar offers potent uplifting and motivational psychoactive effects along with a full spectrum of beneficial cannabinoids that make you say ‘give me s’more’! 



The Ultimate Non-Alcoholic Adult Beverage Delta 8 Seltzer


Delta 8 – Seltzer 4 PK - 3 Tall Pines partnered with Plymouth Brewing Company, a local Wisconsin brewery to develop this delta 8 infused non-alcoholic seltzer that is perfect for kicking back after a busy day or partying the night away!


Each 16 OZ tallboy can is infused with our solventless Delta 8 distillate and the powerful ancient herbs Ashwagandha Root & Rhodiola that delivers a pleasantly psychoactive brew that provides an improved mood, energy and stress release while increasing stamina and mental clarity!


Choose from Blueberry Lemonade, Watermelon Strawberry or Cherry pie refreshing natural flavors.  Keep your coolers going -your customers will be clamoring for another cold Delta 8 Seltzer 4 pack!


Explore all of our 3 Tall Pines high quality edibles including our potent variety of Delta 8 Tinctures to stock up your store with the latest and greatest Delta 8 edibles that get repeat sales!


Contact us if you would like to learn more about our new drops and superior collection of wholesale delta 8 edibles.


Our wholesale team is always ready to help you make your smoke shop or CBD store scale with our distinct line of preforming delta 8 products! 

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