Customer’s Guide To Using and Priming A Solventless Delta 8 Vape Cartridge

3 Tall Pines Wholesale solventless vape cartridges stand out as the highest premium delta 8 cartridges available in the industry.


Our solventless delta 8 distillate and live resin cartridges, crafted from our farm fresh hemp, deliver the highest standard of potency, purity and effectiveness!


We use high quality ceramic cartridges that are made in the USA to deliver the healthiest, most flavorful and enjoyably smooth vaping experience for your customers.


Many customers are not aware of the simple, yet important, preliminary steps for priming, using and maintaining their cartridge for optimum use and longevity.


We have put together this easy guide for you, as a CBD store or smoke shop owner, to share with your 3 Tall Pines vape cartridge customers.


We have found that customers appreciate the information, as it takes the guesswork out of using their new delta 8 cartridge and it helps with the development of trust and customer loyalty.


Keep reading to find the simple steps to guide the use and priming of a 3 Tall Pines Wholesale Solventless Delta 8 Vape Cartridge.


Removal of Packaging


Take the cart out of its packaging.

Simply remove the rubber covers from the mouthpiece as well as the one at the base of the coil.


Removing the covers should allow the oil blend to seep into the bottom of chamber and surround the coil.


At this point the cart should be ready to prime.


If People Think Their Cartridge Looks Short Filled- Here Are The Facts


Often people look at their cartridge and think it looks short filled. It is NOT actually short filled and that appearance is a good thing, and here is why.


When the cartridge is initially filled, oil rests in the reservoir and then slowly seeps through the oil flow ports and into the ceramic core. On our 3 Tall Pines vaporizer cartridges the ceramic core functions as a safeguard from direct contact with the heating coil.


Ceramics are harder to manufacture the smaller you go, therefore, ceramic cartridges host a larger space for distillate to prime into.

This initial priming is necessary; otherwise you will get a dry and undesirable hit. Therefore, when it looks low, it is because it is 100% primed and that means the cartridge is ready for the best vapor draw.


Our ‘neat & clean’ ceramic cartridges are crafted for a healthy, flavorful and optimally effective vaping session.


How To Prime Your Cartridge


Before attaching your cart to the battery, take around 5 to 8 inhales, or dry hits. This means that there should be no vapor, only air, in the chamber. You will simply draw the air through the chamber into your mouth.


To loosen the oil you just quickly rub the cartridge between the palms of your hands.

Just repeat the process if it appears that the oil is remaining above the chamber until the oil appears in the lower chamber. 


By taking the few minutes required to prime your vape you will be preventing any clogging in the future as you help prepare the cart for use.



Time To Connect The Battery and Preheat


Now that your cartridge has been primed, you will need to preheat the oil. This can be done by ether connecting it to the battery or by hand.


Preheating The Oil With A Battery


The bottom of the cartridge is threaded for using a 510-thread battery, which is the only battery you should use with your cartridge. Screw the cartridge into the top of the 510-thread battery. It is important to NOT over tighten when screwing the cartridge onto the battery; only tighten until you feel resistance.


When you have the battery in place, turn it on and adjust the heat setting so it stays between 2.8v and 3.2v. By maintaining this heat range, it will protect your wick as well as prevent your Delta 8 oil from burning.


If your battery has a pre-heat setting, which most 510-thread batteries do, activate by pressing the button 2 or 3 times. You will need to pre-heat by hand if your battery does not have a pre-heat button.


How To Pre-heat Your Cartridge By Hand


To pre- heat your cartridge by hand you can simply rub the cartridge between the palms of your hand.


Another hand pre-heating option is to use a blow dryer on low heat. Keep the blow dryer at least 7-8 inches away from the cart as you slowly move the warm air up and down the cartridge.


Now your cartridge is pre-heated and ready for you to start your Delta 8 vaping experience!


Your Cart Is Ready For That First Flavorful Delta 8 Hit!


To take a hit, simply hold the button on your battery for 1-3 seconds while you are inhaling. Most 510-thread batteries are breath activated therefore you should easily feel the flow of the vapor. 


Try to keep each hit under around 3 seconds, as this will help preserve the lifespan of the cartridge. However, you can take as many inhalations as you wish to feel the desired results.


For first time Delta 8 users, it is recommended to take it low and slow. Take a few hits and see how you feel before taking more.


After You Finish Your Vaping Session


Finish off your vaping session with a dry hit without applying heat.

The cool air from the dry hit will help clear out any vapor that is left. This assures that any vapor will be cleared out so that it doesn’t condense along the walls of the mouthpiece. Make sure that it is only a very light hit so that you are only clearing out the oil but not vaping it. This will prevent future clogging!


Storing Your Vape Cartridge


Here are the simple tips for storing your vape cartridge between uses:


Keep your cartridge stored in an upright position to prevent leaking.  This also maintains the oil in the chamber.


To preserve potency and effectiveness, keep your cart at a room temperature, ideally between 68-72 degrees.


Preserve the cannabinoids and terpenes by storing your cartridge away from direct sunlight!

3 Tall Pines Vape Cartridge Quality Assurance


All of our 3 Tall Pines Wholesale ceramic vape cartridges are made in the USA of the highest quality materials!


Our vape cartridges are crafted from the finest solventless Delta 8 distillate or Live Resin.


Contact us for information about how you can buy premium 3 Tall Pines Delta 8 Cartridges for your CBD store or smoke shop.


Our wholesale team is always happy to answer any questions or make recommendations for our top selling Delta 8 Vape Cartridges that promote customer loyalty and repeat business for your store!

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