Choosing The Best Delta 8 Pre-Rolls For Your Smoke Shop Or CBD Store

The smokable hemp market is booming!


An increasing number of people are opting for smokable hemp flower for relaxation, easing physical and mental discomforts as well as replacing tobacco with a healthy alternative.


Smoke shop and CBD storeowners are experiencing a substantial uptick in delta 8 flower sales and pre-rolls represent a substantial part of that increase.


However, not all delta 8 pre-rolls offer the effects and benefits that keep your customers coming back for more!


Keep reading to find out about choosing the best delta 8 pre-rolls for your smoke shop or CBD store that will drive loyal, repeat customers to your business!     


It All Comes Down To The Flower!


The highest quality hemp derived products start with homegrown, craft hemp flower that is grown with regenerative growing practices, including living soil, crop rotation and no pesticides or harmful toxins.


When you choose Delta 8 Pre-Rolls from 3 Tall Pines Farms Wholesale, you can be confident that you are providing your customers with premium solventless delta 8 infused craft flower that delivers superior benefits and effects.


Our CBD and CBG cultivars, infused with hemp derived delta 8 offer an entourage of beneficial cannabinoids that work in synergy with the strain specific terpenes that provide an effective, balanced, yet potent pre-roll smoking experience.


Providing A Variety Of Delta 8 Pre-Rolls Help Build Customer Loyalty


Not everyone is looking for the same effects and benefits when shopping for Delta 8 Pre-Rolls.


3 Tall Pines Delta 8 Pre-Rolls are available in a collection of favorite indica, sativa and hybrid strains that will meet the needs of your customers.

Our Delta 8 CBD & CBG – 3 Pack Pre-Rolls collection includes:


Pineapple Express Delta 8 CBD Flower Pre-Rolls are a hybrid strain with 110+mg of Delta 8, 19.8mg of CBD along with other cannabinoids like CBDa, CBG, CBN & THCa for an entourage of body relaxation, mind expanding and uplifting effects.


Sour Diesel Delta 8 CBD Flower Pre-Rolls are a sativa strain with 149mg of Delta 8, 13.9mg of CBD along with CBDa and other cannabinoids for energizing yet relaxing effects.


Strawberry Cough Delta 8 CBD Flower Pre-Rolls are an indica strain with 217.6mg of Delta 8, 118.5mg of CBDa, 18.2mg of CBD along with other cannabinoids that bring ease, release and functional euphoria!


Our CBG Pre Rolls include:


The White Delta 8 CBG Flower Pre-Rolls are a sativa strain with 101.1mg Delta 8, 104.4mg CBGa, 4.7mg CBG and 2.3mg CBD providing clear headed, focused, uplifting, feel good effects.


Sour Alien Delta 8 CBG Flower Pre-Rolls deliver sativa energy with 113.3mg Delta 8, 103mg CBGa, 10.2mg CBG along with other cannabinoids that deliver out of this world feels!



And a special treat that your D8 Pre-Roll fans will love, is our King Caviar Pre-Roll with CBG Kief + Delta 8. This luxurious pre-roll is sprinkled with premium CBG + Delta 8 kief for an uplifting, lavish toke of on-the-go flower!


Our Delta 8 Pre-Rolls get rave reviews and repeat sales, so make sure you stock your smoke shop or CBD store with these exceptional pre-rolls because your loyal customers will be coming back for more!


Contact us if you would like to learn more about our superior collection of wholesale delta 8 flower pre-rolls.


Our wholesale team is always ready to help you make your smoke shop or CBD store scale with our distinct line of preforming delta 8 products! 

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