5 Benefits of Buying Premium Delta 8 Chocolate Wholesale

If you own a smoke shop, CBD store, or specialty store, you already know, or need to know, that Delta 8 chocolate is a huge seller.


Hemp derived edibles have always remained the top seller across multiple demographics and that hasn’t changed.


When it comes to hemp-derived edible products that are trending up for 2023 on through 2024 and beyond, gummies have now outpaced tinctures, although tinctures still constitute a huge market share, and Delta 8 chocolate bars have created an edibles niche that continues to woo customers at accelerated speed.


Let’s take a look at 5 benefits of buying premium delta 8 chocolate wholesale for your smoke shop, CBD store or specialty store for boosting customer loyalty and increased sales.


Why Premium Quality Wholesale Delta 8 Chocolate Is The #1 Benefit For Retailers



Customer loyalty is always established through trust.


When you provide quality hemp-derived Delta 8 and CBD products that assure your customers that they are consuming pure, healthful and effective products, you win their trust! 


Once your customers experience the benefits and effects they are looking for, along with the assurance that they are consuming a pure and health supporting product, trust for your products and business naturally occurs.


Not all wholesale Delta 8 Chocolate in the market is natural and effective. Understanding, as a storeowner, what identifies premium wholesale Delta 8 chocolate product brands is essential before purchasing that brand for your store.


Homegrown hemp-derived product brands that produce high quality products that use only solventless methods of extraction for purity and effectiveness, is the first standard that determines a premium Delta 8 chocolate.


Many Delta 8 chocolate brands do not use solventless extraction methods, due to the expense of equipment and extensive procedure.

This means that the Delta 8 chocolate products may contain residue from solvents and other contaminants.


However, recognized premium brands like 3 Tall Pines Wholesale of Wisconsin grow only craft, high quality hemp, using regenerative farming practices such as living soil, crop rotation and zero pesticides or harmful toxins.


3 Tall pines Wholesale also use a proprietary solventless extraction method for their full spectrum and delta 8 distillate which is used in producing their Delta 8 Chocolate collection therefore delivering unsurpassed purity and potency.


The quality of the chocolate in the bar is the next ‘successful sales’ ingredient that consistently brings customer loyalty and repeat sales.


Quality Fine Chocolate Make Irresistible Bars


The quality of the chocolate in Delta 8 Chocolate Bars is always the first attractor factor for chocolate lovers. Fine rich chocolate delivers superior effectiveness of the overall wellness benefits of the bar, as well as the delicious taste sensation that makes customers want to come back for more!


3 Tall Pines Wholesale Delta 8 Chocolate Bars are proudly produced with fine chocolate from our 4th generation chocolatier that hasn’t changed their unforgettable recipe since 1876. These bars not only have a sublime chocolate taste, they also offer all of the natural health benefits and effects of fine chocolate.


Give your customers the quality they deserve and they will continue to give you their business in spades!


Delta 8 Chocolate Bars With Other Beneficial Cannabinoids


When Delta 8 THC is combined with various other beneficial cannabinoids like CBD, CBDa, CBG, CBGa, CBN, and other minor cannabinoids they work together synergistically to bring a full array of mind-body benefits and effects that provide overall feelings of well being!


3 Tall Pines Wholesale offers a collection of Delta 8 Chocolate Bars that provide an array of cannabinoids in various ratios that provide diverse effects.


For instance, our all time best selling Delta 8 Truffle Chocolate Bar is loaded with our full spectrum Delta 8 distillate that delivers CBGA, CBG, CBDa, CBD, CBC, CBN, THCa, THC and more. It delivers the euphoria, elevated mood, motivation and full body mind relaxation that has made this a consistent, in demand chocolate bar!


This is only one of many 3 Tall Pines Wholesale Delta 8 Chocolate Bars that offer the superior effects of delta 8 with multiple cannabinoids that will build loyalty by winning the hearts and minds of your customers!   


The Benefit of Offering Delta 8 Chocolate Bars With Powerful Botanicals


Botanicals have been used for centuries as therapeutics for both mind and body!


The properties and compounds in hemp work synergistically with each other and also work with the beneficial properties of other therapeutic property botanicals.


3 Tall Pines Wholesale has crafted a delicious high-end white chocolate Rise N Grind Matcha Tea Chocolate Bar that is just brimming with 750mg of our Sativa blend of Delta 8, THCV, CBG plus other cannabinoids and with the botanical boost of 5,000mg of our Mushroom Medley; Chaga, Cordyceps, Lion’s Mane, Maitake, Reishi, Shitake and Turkey Tail that charge up the brain and strengthen many areas of physical stamina and so much more.


Add premium Matcha Tea that has been used throughout time by eastern cultures for supporting the body’s functions. It has been experienced as supporting weight loss as well as relaxation and mental clarity.


Then add Black Tea, from Rare Tea Cellar, which helps strength and endurance along with many other mind body-supporting benefits. 


This amazing bar is part of a collection of Sativa Rise N Grind Chocolate Bars that include:


Rise N Grind Dirty Chi Tea Chocolate Bar and Rise N Grind Espresso Chocolate Bar that powerfully deliver heightened benefits and effects!



Wholesale Delta 8 Fine Chocolate Bar 60 Count Display Cases For Your Smoke Shop or CBD Store


3 Tall Pines wholesale makes Delta 8 Chocolate sales soar with our The Original -60 Count Delta 8 Chocolate Bar Display Cases. These cases visually tell The Original Delta 8 chocolate bar story and attractively present the variety of assorted chocolate bars that people love and want more of!


60 Count Cases are available in Delta 8 and Mixed Cannabinoids and 2500mg Delta 8 Chocolate Bars!


Get your store on board with The Original 3 Tall Pines Wholesale Chocolate Bars that are also perfect for holiday gifts and special occasions that boost increased sales, and create happy regular customers!


Contact our Wholesale Team with any questions or for recommendations for your unique store.


We are always happy to help!


Find out how your business can join our happy family of successful hemp-derived products businesses.


We are excited to welcome you aboard!

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